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IJCJS vOLUME: 10 ISSUE 1  January - june 2015 


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Book Reviews

XII Issue

      IJCJS vOLUME: 7 ISSUE 1  january - june 2012 


Book Review

Experiencing Corrections: From Practitioner to Professor - Lee Jhonson
Daniel Hillen

XI Issue

      IJCJS vOLUME: 6 ISSUE 1 & 2 january - june / July - december 2011 (Combined Issue)  


SASCV 2011: Special Conference Issue of the First International Conference of the South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV)
K. Jaishankar


Book Review

Courts and Judges on Trial: Analysing and Managing the Discourses of Disapproval - Pamela D. Schulz
G. Balasubramania Raja

X Issue


 IJCJS vOLUME: 5 ISSUE 2 July - december 2010  



Digital Piracy and Stealing: A Comparison on Criminal Propensity
Szde Yu

Civil Aviation Security: The ideologies the Australian Government subscribes to when identifying terrorists
Rohan Davis and Julian Bondy

Sub-atomic Particles and Prisoners: A novel examination of Socio-physics and Penology
Curtis R. Blakely

Does parenting behaviour impacts delinquency? A comparative study of delinquents and non-delinquents
Tanusree Moitra and Indrani Mukherjee
Sociological Explanation of Prison Re-entry
Hossein Behravan

IX Issue





Male Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in the United States: An Examination of the Review of Literature through the Critical Theoretical Perspective
Caroletta A. Shuler

Judicial Time Lords: Media Direction vs. Judicial Independence  
Pamela D. Schulz and Andrew J. Cannon
Organization Frauds in Thailand: A Survey on Risk Factors
Pornchai Naruedomkul, Pannipa Rodwanna, and Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat
Traditional and bond measures of self-control and their impact on deviance among Chinese University students
Michael A. Cretacci,   Fei Ding,  and Craig J. Rivera


VIII Issue

      IJCJS vOLUME: 4 ISSUE 2 July - december 2009 

Situational Prevention and Elections in India

Arvind Verma
Publishing in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Assessing Journal Editors’ Awareness and Acceptance of Open Access  

Matthew Robinson and Allan Scherlen
What was the Significance of Countries Ratifying the UN Protocol against Human Trafficking? A Research Note  

Lincoln J. Fry
Self-Control and Chinese Deviance: A Look Behind the Bamboo Curtain

Michael A. Cretacci, Craig J. Rivera, and Fei Ding 
Legal and Illegal Migration from Ukraine: An analysis of social and security issues  
Marina Luptakova

Book Review
The Use of the Polygraph in Assessing, Treating and Supervising Sex Offenders: Practitioner's Guide
J. Sasi Kumar

VII Issue



Gender Stress: Differences in Critical Life Events among Law Enforcement Officers
Jacquelyn H. Bradway
Maritime Piracy: Nature, Impact and Legal Frameworks for Prosecution  

Karen K. Clark

Modernization, Inequality, Routine Activities, and International Variations in Household Property Crimes 
Sener Uludag, Mark Colvin, David Hussey, and Abbey L. Eng
Assault Victimization: A Comparative Analysis of the United States, the Netherlands, and England & Wales 

Rachel E. Stein
Prosecuting professional mistake: Secondary victimization and a research agenda for criminology 
Sidney W. A. Dekker

Book Review
Community policing and Peace keeping 

Kingsley U. Ejiogu and I. D. Onwudiwe

VI Issue


SASCV: A progressive society to promote Criminology and Victimology in the South Asian Region
K. Jaishankar

The Use of Hotspots in the Identification of the Factors that Predict Human Trafficking
Lincoln J. Fry
Identification of Potential Terrorism: The problem and implications for Law-enforcement in Pakistan 


Evidence-Based Policing: A Comparative Analysis of Eight Experimental Studies focused in the area of Targeted Policing 
Avdi S. Avdija
Psychiatric Disorders in Iraqi Juvenile Delinquents during Sanction Period 

Ali Abdurrahman Younis, Wasam Ibrahim Al-Admawi, Saeed Yousef and Hamdy Fouad Moselhy
The Etiology of Crime in India 
Arvind Verma and Manish Kumar

Book Reviews
Comprehensive Justice System Reform Program: Baseline Study Report. By Justice Reform Program Office, Ministry of Capacity Building, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 

K. I. Vibhute

Community Policing: International Patterns and Comparative Perspectives. By Dominique Wisler and  Ihekwoaba D. Onwudiwe 

S. Samuel Asir Raj

V Issue

IJCJS vOLUME: 3 ISSUE 1 JANuary - JUNE 2008 

What ails Victimology?
K. Jaishankar

Privacy or Publicity: Media Coverage and Juvenile Proceedings in the United States

Patrick Webb
Cyber Laundering: An Analysis of Typology and Techniques 

Wojciech Filipkowski

Convicted Drunk Drivers in an Electronic Monitoring Program: A Preliminary Study  
Shannon M. Barton and Sudipto Roy
Correlates of Delinquent Identity: Testing Interactionist, Labeling, and Control Theory

David Brownfield and Kevin Thompson

Piracy on the High Speeds: A Test of Social Learning Theory on Digital Piracy among College Students
Whitney D. Gunter

Book Review
Good courts: the case for problem solving justice. By Greg Berman and John Feiblantt

Ali Adnan Al-Feel


IV Issue

IJCJS vOLUME: 2 ISSUE 2 JULY - December 2007 

India's 26/11: From Communal Violence to Communal Terrorism to Terrorism
K. Jaishankar

Jail Wall Drawings and Jail Art Programs: Invaluable Tools for Corrections
Lee Michael Johnson
Trafficking in Women and Children in India: A Situational Analysis in Maharashtra

Renu Sharma

Race and Women in Crime: A Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Comparison of Arrests for Black and Latino Females with White Females  
Jospeter M. Mbuba
Ethical Issues in Field-Based Criminological Research in Canada

Curtis fogel

Secondary Victimization of Children by the Media: An Analysis of Perceptions of Victims and Journalists
Neeti Tandon

Book Review
Silence and Freedom. By Louis Michael Seidman

Eric T. Bellone

III Issue

IJCJS January 2007  Volume: 2 Number: 1   

Open Access and Criminal Justice Journals

K. Jaishankar

School Violence and Social Control Theory: An Evaluation of the Columbine Massacre

Michael L. Pittaro
Witness Protection in India and United States: A Comparative Analysis

Tanuj Bhushan and Pranati

Juvenile Deviant Behavior in an Immigrant Bangladeshi Community: Exploring the Nature and Contributing Factors
Mahfuzul I. Khondaker
Cultural Conflict and Crime: Violations of Native American Indian Cultural Values

Julie C. Abril

The Print Media and Crime: Values and Issues
Amzat, Jimoh, Abodunrin A. Julius and Okunola R. Akanji

Book Review
A Fair Hearing? Ethnic minorities in the criminal courts. By Stephen Shute, Roger Hood, and Florence Seemungal

Ali Adnan Al-Feel

II Issue

IJCJS July 2006  Volume: 1 Number: 2     

International Journal of  Criminal Justice Sciences

Promising Future
K. Jaishankar and P. Madhava Soma Sundaram  

Legalism and Constitutionalism in the People’s Republic of China
Kam C. Wong
Property Crimes and Violence in United States: An Analysis of the Influence of Population density
Keith Harries
Two Americas: Capital Punishment Views among Canadian and U.S. College Students
Eric G. Lambert, David N. Baker and Kasey A. Tucker
Corporate Crime and Sentencing in India: Required Amendments in Law
Angira Singhvi

Book Reviews
Internationalized criminal courts: Sierra Leone, East Timor, Kosovo and Cambodia by Cesare P. R. Romano, André Nollkaemper, and Jann K. Kleffner (Eds.,)
Ali Adnan Al-Feel
Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology: Principles and Practice, by Krishna Vij
T. Samyuktha

I Issue

IJCJS January 2006  Volume: 1 Number: 1   

Welcome to the International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences
P. Madhava Soma Sundaram and K. Jaishankar  

Patriarchal Violence in the Name of 'Honour' 
Aisha Gill  
Justice Delayed in Malawi’s Criminal Justice System: Paralegals vs. Lawyers
Hillery Anderson 
Female Foeticide and Infanticide in India: An Analysis of Crimes against Girl Children
Sneh Lata Tandon and Renu Sharma 
Dealing with domestic disputes/violence by women police in India: Results of a training program in Tamil Nadu
Mangai Natarajan 

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